Kendama is a handmade wooden Japanese toy made up of the Ken (sword or handle) and Tama (ball) which is connected by a nylon string. The Kendama tricks are done by variations of juggling the ball in the 3 cups, spiking the ball with the Ken spike, and balancing both in new creative ways. With the different ways of twisting and turning the Kendama there are endless possibilities of making tricks.


It’s easy to learn the basics of Kendama for both young and old. It’s great for practicing motor skills since it’s strenghten the hand-eye coordination, reflexes, balance as well as mental skills.

Kendama Speed Challenge

– All players in the division have to face each other and complete the trick list in order before the rest of the players.
– If a player misses a trick he/she has to keep trying until he/she can move to the next one on the list.
– The slowest player who can’t complete the trick list will be knocked out from the division one by one until only 3 player remains.
– The 3 player will face each other in finals and the fastest wins the division.


1. Spike
2. Small cup, big cup, middle cup
3. Airplane


1. Swing in
2. Jumping stick
3. Around the World
4. Lighthouse, in
5. Bird, in


1. Earth turn
2. Around Europe
3. One turn airplane -> jumping stick -> jumping stick
4. One turn lighthouse, trade spike (swith to ken cath and spike)
5. Bird over the Valley, in
6. Spacewalk
7. Other hand spike